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Special Collections materials are distinguished by rarity, value, aesthetics, and format. Our collections include manuscripts, photographs, books, periodicals, media, and ephemera. Access to print collections is by appointment and special handling procedures will apply. 

For access to curated digital items from our many physical collections, explore North Bay Digital Collections.

Spine of a book, Lyra Celtica

Books of Celtic poetry, fiction, and plays
Lynn Woolsey

Official papers of a former U.S. Congresswoman who represented the North Bay (1993-2013)
Red barn in  green hills

Handwritten journals depicting life on a Sonoma County ranch (1935-2005)
Man at the wheel of a boat

Yoshimatsu Nakata’s recollections as an employee of Jack London
Spine of a book

Late 19th century ephemera saved by a young girl living in Healdsburg (Calif.)

Oral histories and photos representing a variety of ethnic groups

Wide array of rare books on all subjects from the 17th to 20th centuries
Sonoma County Stump newspaper clipping

Vintage issues of selected North Bay publications

Photographs, artifacts, and documents from the private collection of Roy Maxwell Talbot.
Brenda Starr

Syndicated comic strip art create in 1947 by Dale Messick.
Painting of Ruben Salazar

News articles (1955-2008) by and about Mexican American journalist Salazar
2 women showing their stockings while wearing early 20th century bathing suits.

Photographs of the Simmons and Banta families of Sonoma and Riverside counties (Calif.)
California license plate COAAST

C.O.A.A.S.T. (Californians Organized to Acquire Access to State Tidelands) formed in 1968 to preserve public coastal access and later championed other important environmental causes. The organization disbanded in 1993.
Graton and Green Valley apples

Ephemera promoting Sonoma County and potential land use (1906-1915)
Yellow flowers overlooking a cliff and the ocean.

Environmental papers of a Sonoma County activist and founder of C.O.A.A.S.T. (Californians Organized to Acquire Access to State Tidelands).
Closeup view of property map

These right-of-way appraisal files were developed by the California Highway Commission (CalTrans) to document the right-of-way access needed to build Highway 101 through Sonoma County.
Corrick Brown

38 years of Santa Rosa Symphony history, collected during the tenure of Conductor Corrick Brown (1939-2001)
Oral History Project

Transcripts of oral histories documenting the daily lives of twelve Sonoma County families
Black and white of a lime kiln.

Photographs of California and Nevada lime kilns by David Dawson

Photographs of historic buildings and sites from SSU's Sonoma County Preservation Project (1970s)
Older woman ironing.

Dust Bowl era documents collected by author and SSU professor Gerald Haslam
People looking at maps in a field, mountain behind them.

The Sonoma State University Archives preserve material produced by Sonoma State University and its constituent parts. 
4 books

19th century pocket-sized songbooks and miscellany
A hand holding a pen.

Posters and pamphlets from the Anti-Franco movement of the 1930s

Correspondence from Hemingway to journalist Denne Petitclerc (1956-1958)
The role of Communists in Campus Rioting

Miscellaneous items pertaining to student activism in the U.S. (1960s-1970s)
Yes on B, it's your coast

Environmental papers of a Sonoma County activist (1959-1973)
Selection of poetry journals

Numerous 20th century small press journal issues with emphasis on poetry
3 children

Genealogy and history of an early Sonoma County family
Gaye Lebaron

Working papers of a distinguished Sonoma County journalist
3 children standing behind a cow.

Oral histories of longtime Windsor residents

Papers of a Sonoma State University founding father (1950s-1990s)

Folklore of northern California and beyond collected by SSU professor Lee 
Destroyed house

Photographs of Santa Rosa following the 1906 earthquake
Indochinese woman and child.

Photographs of Southeast Asian refugees in California (1970s-1980s)

Environmental papers of a Sonoma County activist (1963-1994)
Bust of Jack London

Using Special CollectionsBooks and memorabilia related to American author Jack London
Painting of wolf

Books and research materials chronicling Jack London’s era

Prints and photo negatives of a nationally recognized photographer and photojournalist, from the 1950s through 2014
John P. Crevelli

Environmental papers of an environmental historian on county, state, and national environmental issues (1931-2015)
John Taylor

Papers documenting the life of a Sonoma County pioneer (1850-1948)
John Hudson

Ethnographic data on California Native Americans collected by Hudson
Leopold Justi

Papers documenting the life of a Glen Ellen (Calif.) pioneer (1860s-1940s)

Kortum (Bill) Papers

North Bay environmental history collected by the acknowledged leader of the movement in the 20th and early 21st century.
Small fence overlooking ocean.

Environmental History Digital Collection

Documents, photographs, clippings, and ephemera related to the pioneering role Sonoma County and northern California played in actively addressing environmental issues. Incorporates material from these collections:  C.O.A.A.S.T. Scrapbooks, Ernestine Smith, Iva Warner, & Charles Rhinehart. Environmental History Digital Collection
Map with pins

North Bay Digital Maps

Digital images of the region’s geologic and topographic maps North Bay Digital Maps
Man carrying two suitcases.

North Bay Ethnic Digital Collection

Material related to the forced relocation of northern San Francisco Bay Area residents to Incarceration Camp Amache North Bay Ethnic Digital Collection
The earth and a peace symbol.

Sonoma State: The History of a University

Photographs, documents, and media of historical significance to the University Sonoma State: The History of a University
Outlaw Steppes, May 1, 1970

Student Newspaper Digital Collection

Student newspapers from Sonoma State University’s history, dating from 1961 Student Newspaper Digital Collection

Water Works Digital Exhibit

Images, documents, and media about North Bay waterways, a part of SSU’s Water Works Initiative (2012) Water Works Digital Exhibit